Team Match Play Championship

Team Match Play qualifying has ended. Please see the attached bracket to see who you are matched up against.

Team Match Play bracket

Just a few reminders for this event:

  • Your match DOES NOT need to be played during a mens club event, these can be played at anytime that works for you and your opponent.
  • Strokes are decided based on each players handicap the day you play your match. All players will stroke off of the lowest handicap in the group
  • The pro shop will not be providing tournament cards for matches, if you need help on figuring out strokes please reach out to myself, Jeff or Eric, we would be happy to help.
  • Please make sure the winner of your match is reported to both myself and the pro shop so we can keep the brackets current.

 Please start scheduling your matches ASAP. We would like each round completed by the below dates:

  • First Round: Complete by 6/6
  • Second Round: Complete by 7/5
  • Third Round: Completed by 8/1
  • Fourth Round: Completed by 8/29
  • Final Round Completed by 9/26

Good Luck to everyone

Scott Rowe

Tournament Chairman