2020 Ringers
Ringers is a season long event where your best gross and net score for each hole counts towards your best overall score at the end of the season.

Click here to see the current Gross Ringers standings as of October 18.

Click here to see the current Net ringers standings as of October 18.


Participation in Ringers is limited to active members in good standing and is strictly voluntary.

This pool applies to official men’s club weekend tournaments that meet the format restriction. Only tournament formats where the player golfs his own ball for the entire round will be counted (i.e. excludes scrambles, shambles, Ryder Cup, alternate shot, etc.)

The entry fee is a one-time fee of $10 for the season.


  • 2020 Ringers begin with the first Men’s Club tournament the weekend of May 30, 31. 
  • Ringers end on the last tournament weekend before the banquet
  • Scores will be accumulated for the entire season from the date you pay the entry fee
  • Scores are counted for the holes completed during a round. Players that X out of a given hole will still have their other scores counted for each hole completed
  • Your net score each week will be based on your current handicap revision for the tournament
  • Participants are eligible to win both gross and net scores
  • Ties will be broken based on course handicap (i.e. 1st tiebreaker is score on #14, 2nd is score on #7 and so on)

Ringers winnings are paid in cash at the season ending banquet. The number of places paid is determined by participation in the event. The same number of places will be paid for both gross and net scores.