The Topstone Men’s Club Hole-In-One Pool


Hole in One Pool entry is $6:  $5 goes into the prize pool and $1 fund the Hole in One insurance so that the bar bill is covered.

Click here to see the current Hole In One Pool list as of March 19, 2023.


Participation in the hole-in-one pool is limited to active members in good standing and is strictly voluntary.

This pool applies to all official men’s club tournaments, inclusive of weekend and holiday events. If two or more registered members record an hole-in-one during the same round, the pool will be divided equally between them.

The entry fee is $6.  For each entry $5 goes into the pool, and $1 funds insurance that takes care of the winner’s obligation in the bar.  You no longer need to worry about hole in one etiquette.  It is all taken care of with one entry!  If a participating member records a hole-in-one during the golf season, a new pool will be created. (sign-ups generally take place with the starter on the first tee when new pools are created in-season)

Members that were in the pool at the end of the previous season will be carried over automatically to the current season.

The hole-in-one pool is one of only two cash payouts. Additionally, a trophy is presented at the fall banquet and a nameplate will be engraved on men’s club perpetual wall plaque. If no participating member records a hole-in-one during the active season, the funds are carried over to the following year.

Questions?  Send an email to, or send us a message via our Contact the Board page.

Scott Rowe
Tournament Chair, TMGC

Dave Romano
President, TMGC