Individual Match Play Tournament

Qualifying for the Individual Match Play tournament has begun and will continue through the weekend of April 20 and 21. Please remember individuals can attempt to qualify as many times as they wish, A Separate qualifying fee is required each time.

Please click here to see the current Individual Match Play qualifying standings (as of April 5).

Just a few reminders for this event:

  • Your match DOES NOT need to be played during a mens club event, these can be played at anytime that works for you and your opponent.
  • Strokes are decided based on each players handicap the day you play your match, individual match play is 100% handicap.
  • The pro shop will not be providing tournament cards for matches, if you need help on figuring out strokes please reach out to myself, Jeff or Eric, we would be happy to help.
  • Please make sure the winner of your match is reported to both myself and the pro shop so we can keep the brackets current.

 Please start scheduling your matches ASAP. We would like each round completed by the below dates,:

  • First Round: Complete by 6/4
  • Second Round: Complete by 7/9
  • Third Round: Completed by 8/6
  • Fourth Round: Completed by 8/27
  • Fifth Round: Completed by 9/10
  • Final Round: Completed by 10/8


Also below are some helpful pointers on determining strokes in match play events

Determination of strokes given in Match Play Tournaments

The competitors are solely responsible for determining the handicap strokes given.  If you need assistance, the Golf Shop can help, however the competitors remain responsible.  If you require Golf Shop Assistance, please give the professionals enough time to assist.

Use the following procedure to determine your match play strokes:

  • As handicaps revise every day, handicaps the day of the match apply
  • Go to, and login
  • Click on Handicap Calculator
  • Click add golfers to add your competitor
  • Select White Tees
  • The course handicap for each competitor are shown
    • Multiply each competitor’s course handicap by 80%.  Round up or down as appropriate (if .5 or higher round up, if .4 or lower round down) – example if 80% of handicap is 14.4 – round down to 14, if 80% is 9.6 round up 10.
    • Determine the lowest handicap player(he gets NO strokes).  All other competitors will be stroking off of that handicap.
    • The difference between the other three course handicaps and the lowest handicap player are the number of strokes given.  Example – if the player with lowest 80% handicap rounded is an 8, and the other 3 players at 80% rounded are a 10, 13 and 15 – they get 2, 5 and 7 strokes respectively.
    • Notate the strokes on a scorecard in order of course handicap (#1 handicap to # 18 handicap in order)
      • For example, if three strokes are given, those strokes will occur on 14, 7, and 11
      • If more than 18 strokes are given, each hole will have a stroke given, and repeat the above procedure in course handicap order for the second stroke given

Good Luck to everyone

Scott Rowe

Tournament Chairman