Topstone Men’s Club Operation
This page describes Topstone Men’s Club operation, including how to access the tournament schedule and sign up for tournaments, description of Men’s Club tournament types, Pro Shop Tee games, Results, Payouts, etc.  This page was originally conceived as an orientation for new members, but contains information that existing members may find valuable as well. 

Ambassador Program

If you are a new member and would like to play a round with a member of the Board of Directors to have someone guide you through the process, or if you just want to chew on an ear to share ideas, please feel free to contact a member of the Board of Directors, and we would be happy to sign up with you and play a round.  Just contact any board member at, and they will reply promptly.

This page is a consolidation of the policies and by-laws stated in the Member Handbook.  Refer to the Member Handbook for more detail about any of the content mentioned herein.  

Tournament Schedule

The Tournament Schedule is posted on the Men’s Club website, and is the page that you will visit to sign up for tournaments.  Click this link to be routed to the 2023 Tournament Schedule.  The Pro Shop uses the SignUpGenius event management service to manage tournament sign-ups.  Tournament sign-ups open two weeks in advance of that tournament.  To sign up for a tournament, click on the link for the day that you would like to play.  The page features slots corresponding to tee times (1=early, 22=late).  Click on the slot corresponding to the time that you would like to play, and click the “Submit and Sign-Up” button at the bottom of the screen.  You can sign up yourself, or a group.  If you sign up for a group, please make sure that you enter the number of players, and write the playing partners’ names in the comments section.  If you do not sign up in a foursome, you may be moved around to create foursomes (within close proximity to your selected tee slot).

Sign-ups are editable by logging in, and changing whatever ever you need to:  number of players, playing partners, or cancelling if you have to do so.  You are responsible for cancelling your tee time no later than the Wednesday evening prior to the weekend of your tee time.  If you do not cancel ahead of time, or if you do not show for your tee time, you will be responsible for those greens fees (you will receive a credit to play during the week however).  Please refer to the sign-up policy in the Member Handbook for more information on signing up for tournaments.  To see an example of the sign-up process, click this link for a short video instruction

Tee times
After the sign-up period has closed, the Pro Shop creates the actual Tee Sheet.  As mentioned above, if you do not sign up in a foursome, you may be moved plus or minus a few groups to create foursomes.  The Tee Sheets will be published to the Men’s Club website some time Thursday before the weekend tournament.  Click here to be routed to the Tee Times page.  

Men’s Club Tournament entries – Pro Shop Tee Games
There are a variety of tournament entries and Pro Shop Tee Games managed by both the Men’s Club and the Pro Shop.  Refer to this sheet for descriptions of the various games/competitions, their entry fee and frequency, and their payout amounts.  

Daily Tournament – The Men’s Club will operate a daily gross/net tournament every weekend.  This tournament entry will cost $5.  Your tournament punch-card can be used to enter these events only.  Once your punch-card is consumed, entry will be $5 cash.

Hole-In-One Pool – The Men’s Club also operates a Hole-In-One Pool.  Entry into the pool is $6, and only need be made once.  One dollar of the $6 entry funds the Hole-In-One insurance, and covers the bar obligation should you make a Hole-In-One.  Hole-In-Ones only apply during official Men’s Club tournaments.  If there are multiple Hole-In-Ones carded in the same day, the pool will be split between both competitors regardless of which one occurred first.  Once the pool has been won, competitors need to re-enter to be eligible.  It is strongly recommended that you enter this pool.  Men’s Club members have carded Hole-In-Ones, and not been in the pool, and lost out on a significant payday!  Current Hole-In-One participants list can be found on the Hole-In-One page of the Tournaments menu.

Ringers – We strongly encourage you to enter the Ringers tournament.  The Ringers is a season long tournament where your best gross and net scores are recorded.  At the end of the season that competition pays out deep in both the gross and net category.  Did you have a crappy round, but you birdied a hole that you needed for Ringers?  That helps lessen the blow of an otherwise frustrating day.  Ringers standings will be updated periodically throughout the season, and can be found on the Ringers Page of the Tournaments menu.  

Match Play – We also strongly recommend that you throw your hat into the ring for the yearlong Match Play tournaments.  Whether you enter the individual by yourself, or grab a buddy and enter the team tournament, there is nothing like match play to get the competitive juices flowing.  Qualifications for these tournaments starts early in our schedule (the first three weekends in April), but you are not limited to one qualifying attempt.  Enter a number of times to improve your qualification standing.  Match Play standings will be updated with the conclusion of each playing period, and can be found on the Individual Match Play or Team Match Play pages

Pro Shop Tee Games – Not confident in your play and think that you won’t win anything?  Remember that play in this club is based on your handicap.  You are competing against guys in your own flight for gross and net honors.  You can also win a gross skin, and if you pay for the Double Down, your winnings are doubled. 

The takeaway is to enter these tournaments and games early and often, and watch that Pro Shop credit build.  

Pro Shop Credit – zero interest season long loan
As noted on the sheet, most payouts are in the form of Pro Shop credit with only a few exceptions.  Pro Shop credit can be used to buy anything in the Pro Shop.  The Pro Shop will even make special orders for you provided they can get what you want through their distribution channels.  However, you do not have to accumulate winnings before you buy.  The Topstone Pro Shop will offer you a zero interest credit line to purchase anything that you want.  Balances are due by the end of the Men’s Club season.  This allows you to buy what you want, and accumulate winnings to pay down that balance.  

Results and Payouts
Tournament results are posted weekly, and can be found on the Results menu of the Men’s Club website.  All payouts for the weekend Men’s Club tournament, and the Pro Shop Tee games are shown on the results sheet.  All payouts are based on the number of participants entered in that week’s tournament.  With five handicap flights, and gross and net payouts, Topstone Men’s Club pays out deeper than most other clubs.  

Special Events
The Men’s Club season includes a variety of Special Events.  The Interclub Tournament is an individual and team match play tournament competing against another men’s club.  This is a two-day tournament; one day being played at each club.  Details about this event are emailed to the membership well in advance.  All members are welcome to participate, and participation is based on a first come first serve basis (based on order of online sign up).  These events always fill up quickly, so if you are interested, set that alarm clock and enter as soon as the sign-up opens.

The IntraClub Tournament is also a two-day individual and team match play tournament, but this competition is open to only Topstone Men’s Club members.  The participants are divided into two teams, so you are competing for bragging rights against your buddies.  We even have a pairings meeting mid-week of the tournament week to announce the teams over appetizers and cocktails.  This too has been a very popular event, so if you are interested, do not wait to sign up!

The Men’s Club season includes a number of “Majors” (trophy tournaments).  Those tournaments are the 2 Man Best Ball Championship, the 4 Man Best Ball Championship, the Club Championship, and the Fall Classic.  These are all multi-day events, and feature greater payouts than a typical daily tournament.  As all but one of these events are team events, we will be promoting these events well in advance so that you can line-up your teams.

Club Communications
The two primary communication tools used by the Men’s Club are the website and our email service.  We send out emails promoting clubs events on about a monthly basis, and sometimes on a greater frequency when promoting special events.  For a variety of reasons, some of our emails are “bounced” from certain email services.  If you find that you are not receiving emails, and would like to, send an email to, and we will check your subscription status.  We can easily debounce you, and help you to add our email address to your Safe Sender List.

If you have a question about anything at all, don’t hesitate to email us at, or use out Contact page.  Many times you will receive a response that day.