Match Play Qualification

Match Play Qualification is ongoing.  Remaining qualification dates are 4/20-21 and 4/27-28.  Qualification costs $5 per attempt per person ($5 for Individual, $10 per Team).  You can qualify as many times as you want to improve your standing in the bracket.  Click here to find out more about the Individual and Team Match Play Tournaments.

Ringers Tournament

Ringers is a season long event where your best gross and net score for each hole counts towards your best overall score at the end of the season.

Why enter the Ringers Tournament?  Ever have a have a few bad holes, and you go through the rest of the with nothing to look forward to?  Join Ringers and even if you won’t compete for top position in your flight, you can look forward to scoring your best on the remaining holes to try to get a “Ringer”.  Click here to learn more about Ringers, and see the current standings.  Ringers scores start counting after the first Handicap Revision in April.