Congratulations to Al Cusson and Paul St. Onge for winning the 2020 Team Match Play Championship!





Team Match Play Championship

The Team match Play Bracket has been updated and posted as of October 3. Please remember that next round matches should be completed by October 4. Congratulations to all who qualified. Teams are free to schedule their matches immediately. See the tournament bracket and contact list below.

Click here to see the Team Match Play Bracket

Click here to see the Team Match Play Contact List

Please complete third round matches no later than Sunday, September 6.  Matches that are not completed by that time and risk holding up the tournament will be settled at the discretion of the Tournament Chairman.

If you need to update your contact information, please email, and we will make the necessary changes.




The Team Match Play Championship is a season long event and is handicapped at 90% for qualifying and 80% for tournament play.  Teams must qualify for the championship by playing a qualifying round.  Match play qualification typically takes place during the first three weeks of April (see tournament schedule for actual dates).  Interested teams must declare that they are qualifying before the round, and must pay $5 per attempt (per person).  Teams may attempt to qualify more than once if they have been unable to get into the field outright, or if they wish to improve their seeding.  All qualifying and tournament play is from the white tees only.  

Qualifying for this event is based on team net best ball score. Ties in qualifying will be broken using USGA tie breaking procedures (Last 9 holes, Last 6 holes, Last 3 holes, etc.). The best 31 match play scores will qualify for the event. The defending champions are an automatic qualifier.

After the 32 qualifiers are determined they will be seeded by qualifying score. If there are less than 32 teams, byes will be awarded to the highest seeds. Handicap strokes given during the matches will be done off the lowest handicap’s course handicap.

Team A (80% course handicaps)
Player 1: 4
Player 2: 8
Team B (80% course handicaps)
Player 3: 10
Player 4: 12
Player 2 gets 4 strokes (8 minus 4), Player 3 gets 6 strokes, Player 4 gets 8 strokes.

Playing of matches
Once the brackets have been published, you can schedule your match.  Scheduling of your match is the responsibility of both teams.  Matches must be completed within the indicated limits (shown on top of the bracket), otherwise both teams risk disqualification.  A link containing the bracket and a master list of participants with contact information are located on this page.