Individual Match Play Championship
Congratulations to Jay Boudreau on winning the season long Individual Match Play Championship!  It was a long hard battle with stiff competition from round 1 to the finals. Jay had no easy task with Kevin Fitzsimmonds taking him to the wire to claim the title of Topstone Individual Match Play Champion. Great playing by both competitors to make it to the finals. Jay will have a long winter to prepare for retaining his title next year, there are going to be 63 guys chomping at the bit to win this illustrious title next year.  Click here to see the final current Individual Match Play bracket.    

The Individual Match Play Championship is a season long event and is 100% handicapped.  Players must qualify for the championship by playing a qualifying round.  Match play qualification typically takes place during the first three weeks of April (see tournament schedule for actual dates).  Interested players must declare that they are qualifying before the round, and must pay $5 per attempt.  Players may attempt to qualify more than once if they have been unable to get into the field outright, or if they wish to improve their seeding.  All qualifying and tournament play is from the white tees only.  

Qualifying for this event is based on net score only.  Ties in qualifying will be broken using USGA tiebreaking procedures (Last 9 holes, Last 6 holes, Last 3 holes, etc.).  The best 63 match play scores will qualify for the event. The defending champion is an automatic qualifier.  After the 64 qualifiers are determined, the field will be broken into 4 brackets of 16 players based on handicap (e.g. lowest 16 handicaps in one bracket, next 16, etc.).  Once the brackets have been determined, each group of 16 is ranked by qualifying score and the seedings are filled out. If there are less than 64 participants, byes will be awarded based on qualifying score. The higher handicap will receive the differential in strokes. Example: Player A’s course handicap is 15, Player B’s is 17. Player B will receive 2 strokes (on Holes 14 and 7).

Playing of matches
Once the brackets have been published, you can schedule your match.  Scheduling of your match is the responsibility of both players.  Matches must be completed within the indicated limits (shown on top of the bracket), otherwise both players risk disqualification.  A link containing the bracket and a master list of participants with contact information are located on this page.