The 1st Putting Contest delivers on fun, drama, and clutch putting!

    The night began with 27 Teams with handicaps ranging from 1 to 25, we were ready to roll after our “ball toss” to determine our teams that received a first round bye. We proceeded with live draft to determine our matches, went over the rules and we were off and running on our custom 9 hole layout ranging from 12 to 28 footers that Casey and Aaron put together during the afternoon. Aaron then quad-cut the green to make sure it was rolling perfectly for this event and boy was it ever! Taylor was our personal mobile bartender as she had her cart fully stocked and ready to serve, so a cold beer was only a few steps away to keep the night and beers flowing!


    Our Final Four Teams ripped through their respective brackets and the handicap range of our final four proved that you don’t necessarily NEED to be a LOW handicapper to succeed at this event! Simmons and Labruna took down the two headed monster of Russo & Peterson. Our “Crocs & Flops” team of Fitzsimonds & Desjardin rode the hot putting of Dezzy into the final four when Fitzy stepped up and started pouring in his own putts. Callan & Edinger managed to topple the field favorites of Coats & Albert in a match that went down to the last putt and our eventual champs of Brent Colby & Simon Muska handled every challenge that wandered their way. Simon was clearly in “The Zone” as there wasn’t much he couldn’t make, right down to the last putt that he sunk on the 18th hole in the dark to win the championship match!

2016 4 Man Best Ball Championship

Sunday July 10 & Saturday July 16




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