4 Man Best Ball Championship

Congratulations to Joe Ward, Ron Cote, Mark Peterson, and Chris Russo for capturing the 4 Man Best Ball Gross Championship yet again.  Great playing guys.  Also congratulations go to Kyle Niver, Al Cusson, Brent Colby, and Paul St. Onge for winning the Net Championship.  Nice playing to card a net 56 to come from behind to take the championship!  Click here to see the final 4 Man Best Ball Championship Results.



Upcoming Events – Senior, Super Senior, Legends Championship

The Senior, Super Senior, and Legends Championship will be played on Sunday, July 28th.  The championships are all 18 hole medal play, paying out first and second place gross and net for each division.  Players in the Super Senior Division over age 65, and players in the Legends division are welcome to play from the Gold Tee area.  The sign-up for the Championship opens on Sunday, July 14th.

Click here to view the Tournament Description for the Senior, Super Senior, and Legends Championship.

2019 Tournament of Champions

What is the Tournament of Champions?  To qualify for the Tournament of Champions, a player must win first place gross or net in their flight in any individual gross/net tournament throughout the year. 

Visit the Tournament of Champions page to see additional details and the list of qualifiers through June 23rd.  

2019 Topstone Men’s Club Mid-Season Membership

Beginning August 1st, Topstone Men’s Golf Club will offer a mid-season membership.  The cost of the mid-season membership is $125.  Those joining mid-season will be members in good standing for the remainder of the 2019, and will be eligible to return as a renewing member for 2020.  

Anyone interested in the mid-season membership can sign up for the August 3, 4 weekend tournament, and bring your application and payment that weekend.

Please visit our Membership Page for more information and to download an application.

Topstone Golf Course – Men’s Club Incentive

Topstone Golf Course is generously offering an incentive to anyone joining the Men’s Club for the 2019 season.  Any new member and persons returning to the club who were not a member in 2018 will receive a free 18-hole round with cart.  In addition, for every new member that a 2018 returning member refers, you will receive a free round.  Please note the following conditions and restrictions:

-Course management has extended the membership incentive to anyone joining the Men’s Club for the remainder of the 2019 calendar year.
-New members are not eligible for referral incentive

The year of the Hole in One!  Congratulations Mike McMahon!

And that makes four holes in one for 2019!  Congratulations to Mike McMahon for holing out on 12 on Saturday.

Don’t forget to get back into the Hole in One Pool the next time that you are in the Golf Shop.  Hole in One Pool entry is $6:  $5 goes into the prize pool and $1 fund the Hole in One insurance so that the bar bill is covered.

Putting Contest #2

The second Putting Contest of the season will be held on Wednesday, July 31st at 6:00 p.m. on the back practice green at Topstone.  The Putting Contest is a two man 9-hole match play style bracket tournament.  Cost is $40 per two man team with cash payouts that night.  Three places are paid out, and payout amount is determined by participation.

Format is 16 Team, double elimination, so don’t wait to sign-up!

The drink cart will be green side so you can take the edge off with your favorite libation.  The restaurant is available for food orders.

Registration will be at 5:30 p.m.  so that we can start promptly at 6:00 p.m.  Prepayment is appreciated so that we can get started more quickly.  Click here to sign-up for the Putting Contest.

Ringers Standings updated thru July 7

The Ringers standings through June 9th tournament have been posted.  Visit the Ringers page to see where you stand.

Ringers is a season long event where your best gross and net score for each hole counts towards your best overall score at the end of the season.

Why enter the Ringers Tournament?  Ever have a have a few bad holes, and you go through the rest of the with nothing to look forward to?  Join Ringers and even if you won’t compete for top position in your flight, you can look forward to scoring your best on the remaining holes to try to get a “Ringer”.  Click here to learn more about Ringers, and see the current standings.  Ringers scores start counting after the first Handicap Revision in April.

Match Play Brackets update through July 12

The Match Play Brackets have been updated through July 12.  If you have played a match, and you do not see your result posted, contact Tournament Chairman Brent Colby via email a.s.a.p.  Also contact Brent if you are late in scheduling your match, and let him know when you intend to play.

The brackets are posted on the Match Play pages.  Click these links to visit the Individual and Team Match Play pages.

USGA Rules – Approved Local Rules

We are pleased to welcome so many new members to the club this year.  For new members who may not have previously played in a club with a USGA handicap, carding a USGA handicap requires that all competition be conducted in compliance with the rules of golf.  Among many other rules, this means that all putts must be holed (unless playing in a match play event only, and the score is also not being recorded for Men’s Club Tournament play).

One change that has been the topic of a lot of discussion is the local rule that offers an alternative to the stroke and distance penalty for a lost or out of bounds ball.  The USGA made this local rule for casual play only and made clear that it is not suited for tournament play.  They recommend this alternative local rule to help speed up play during recreational rounds when prizes are not involved.  We will continue to monitor usage of this alternative local rule and revisit it’s merit in the future.

I think if you ask many of your fellow club members, you will find that while many enjoy the game, their knowledge of the rules may be a little lacking.  If you find yourself in the same position, consider attending the Rules of Golf seminar to be held on May 9th.

Club Operation
The website has been expanded with a new page that describes club operation.  New and existing members will find this page a great resource.  The page provides information regarding the Tournament Schedule and Tee Times, Men’s Club tournaments, Pro Shop Tee games, weekly Results and Payouts, Special Events, and much more.  If you have a question not addressed on this page, please send an email to mensclub@topstonegc.com, and we will reply to you and add it to the page.  



The Topstone Men’s Club Board of Directors welcomes any comments or questions.  If you have a comment or question that you would like to address to the board, please send an email to mensclub@topstonegc.com, or send us a message via our Contact the Board page, and we will respond promptly.