2016 2 Man Championship Results

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June 11th & 12th

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The 2016 Match Play brackets are set!

    Congratulations to all of those who qualified for the 2016 Match Play events.  This year's fields were filled to the max and beyond.  The Team event was so competitive, that the cut was 68 net.  There were some teams that shot that and did not make it in based on matching cards, so a job well done to those who made it through.

    Below are the brackets and their respective contact lists.  Please reach out to your first round opponents and set up your match.  The deadlines of each round are at the top of the brackets, and please adhere to these.  Good luck gentlemen, and play well.

Individual Bracket

Team Bracket

Signing Up for the Weekend

As many of you are aware, signing up for the Men's Club events has now been moved to online.  We are experimenting with this new service, and for the time being, we will no longer be doing sign ups in the proshop on the clipboard.  You may still call in to sign yourself or a group up, but it is preferred if you sign up online.  Sign ups will still start on the day, two weeks prior to the event.  Keep in mind that the pace of play groupings still in effect-

1st hour of tee times (Groups 1-9) are expected to play in <4:10.

2nd hour of tee times (Groups 10-18) are expected to play in <4:20.

Final hour of tee times (Groups 19-27) are expected to play in 4:20.

Please sign up in the appropriate group.  We understand that a lot of you like to play early, but if you play early, you need to keep moving.

Signing Up-

  1. From the menu bar at the top of the page (or the menu icon if you are using the mobile site on the phone), select Tournaments (or the drop down arrow on mobile)
  2. Select the 2016 Schedule
  3. Under the Sign Up column in the schedule, select the appropriate "Saturday" or "Sunday" that you would like to sign up for
  4. Follow the instructions on the corresponding page to sign up.  The first time through will take a couple of extra minutes because you will need to create an account with a password.  Please your real name so the pro shop can easily transfer the names to the tee sheets.  Final tee times will still be posted on Thursday morning on the Tee Times page per usual





2016 Memberships-

The 2016 new and returning membership applications can be found by click here.

Signing Up-

Click here to sign up for an up coming event.  Remember, you can only sign up for a tournament two weeks in advance.