2018 Tournament of Champions
Congratulations to all 2018 Tournament of Champions winners.  Solid play this year.  

A Flight Gross:  Rich Jute
A Flight Net:  Jim Simmons

B Flight Gross:  Phil Richards
B Flight Net:  Jon Zujko

C Flight Gross:  Al Cusson
C Flight Net:  Joe Staszwoski

D Flight Gross:  Jim Shelton
D Flight Net:  Rich Abascal

E Flight Gross:  George Thompson
E Flight Net:  Dave Romano

Throughout the season, we had 121 qualifiers, with many guys qualifying more than once.  Click here for the final list of qualifiers for the Tournament of Champions.  

To qualify for the Tournament of Champions, a player must win first place gross or net in their flight in any individual gross/net tournament throughout the year.  There are a couple of caveats to keep in mind:  

  • For tournaments in which the first place gross winner also takes first place net, there will be the only one qualifier for that flight for that weekend.  
  • If a player qualifies for the event, that player will compete in the appropriate flight for their handicap at the time of the Tournament of Champions.  For example, if the player qualifies in C flight, and that player moves up to B flight at the time of the championship, that player will compete in B flight.  

Tournament format
The Tournament of Champions will be a 18 hole gross/net stroke play tournament.

Participation in the Tournament of Champions is limited to active members in good standing and is strictly voluntary.  If a player qualifies, there is no obligation to play in the tournament.  


  • Date:  As noted on the tournament schedule, the Tournament of Champions is scheduled for October 6th with a weather date of October 21st
  • Cost:  For qualification there is no additional entry fee other than the daily tournament entry fee or card punch.  The normal tournament entry fee or card punch will also apply at the date of the championship
  • Payout:  First place gross and first place net will be paid out in every flight