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Sign-up Policy

These are the guidelines for signing up for and playing in all tournaments throughout the season. It is important that every member read and understand these rules as they will be strictly adhered to.

All tournaments will have sign-ups available two weeks in advance. No member will be able to sign-up prior to that time. The sign-up sheet is located on the counter, (by the register), inside the Pro Shop. Members can sign-up in person or over the phone. All sign-ups must be in ink. If you need to make a change, let the Pro Shop know so that they can make the change---do not cross your name off of the sheet.

You are responsible for your name being on the sheet. If someone has put your name down for the tournament, you will be accountable for that greens fee. The Pro Shop does not recommend having someone else sign you up for a tournament, or signing someone else's name for a tournament. A list of names and tee times will be posted on the Men's Club section of our web site, Tee Times, on the Thursday before the tournament.

When signing up for a tournament, you sign-up for an approximate time. The numbers on the sign-up sheet correlate to an approximate time (1=early, 22=late). If you do not sign-up in a foursome, you may be moved around to create foursomes. If you want to play with a specific group, place a plus sign between the names and every effort will be made to keep you together. See example below.

Method to signing up with other players

If you are signed up for a tournament and do not show, you will be sent a bill for one greens fee. You must pay the bill before playing in any other tournaments. You have until 5:00 on the Wednesday before the tournament in order to withdraw without penalty. If you need to cancel after that time, and there is no reasonable excuse, another Men's Club member can fill your spot without you being charged.

Remember to sign your scorecard Each member of the group must sign the scorecard. If the card does not have the required signatures, it will not be posted and your score will not count for the tournament. The Pro Shop staff will not search for the card or the signatures. It is the group's responsibility for returning a valid card.

All information contained herein is for the private use of TMGC members. Please do not use for promotional or commercial purposes.