2021 Tournament Schedule
We will continue to use SignUpGenius for tee time signups.  If you need a refresher on how to login, click here.  If you have difficulty signing up with your smartphone, SignUpGenius recommends logging in with a computer.

Remember that signups begin at 5:30 a.m. (6:00 a.m. in early and late season) two weeks prior to the tournament, and end with the close of the Pro Shop on Wednesday night before that weekend.

DateEventSign UpResults
March 20Pro's Choice Saturday
March 21Pro's Choice Sunday
March 27Individual Gross/Net (Open) (First round for Ringers) Saturday
March 28Individual Gross/Net (Open) Sunday
April 3Individual Gross/Net (Individual and Team match play qualifying begins)Saturday
April 4 (Easter)Individual Gross/Net - Easter Sunday (Individual and Team match play qualifying begins)Sunday
April 102 Man Gross/Net (Individual and Team match play qualifying)Saturday
April 112 Man Gross/Net (Individual and Team match play qualifying)Sunday
April 17Individual Stableford (Individual and Team match play qualifying)Saturday
April 18Individual Stableford (Individual and Team match play qualifying)Sunday
April 242 Man Gross/Net (Individual and Team match play qualifying)Saturday
April 252 Man Gross/Net (LAST DAY TO QUALIFY for Individual and Team match play events)Sunday
May 14 Man Gross/Net (Open)Saturday
May 24 Man Gross/Net (Open)Sunday
May 8Individual Gross/Net
May 9 (Mother's Day)Individual Gross/Net- (Mother's Day)
May 152 Man Best Ball Championship (36 holes) Day-1- 2 Man Gross/Net
May 162 Man Best Ball Championship (36 holes) Day-2- 2 Man Gross/Net
May 224 Man Stableford
May 234 Man Stableford
May 29Individual Gross/Net
May 30Individual Gross/Net
May 31 (Memorial Day)Individual Gross/Net - (Memorial Day)
June 52 Man Gross/Net(OPEN)
June 62 Man Gross/Net(OPEN)
June 11Friday Night- 4 Man Scramble- 3 Club event
June 12Individual Gross/Net
June 13Individual Gross/Net
June 192 Man Gross/Net
June 20 (Father's Day)2 Man Scramble (Open)- Father's Day
June 26Interclub w/ Blackledge- Individual Gross/Net (HOME)
June 27Interclub w/ Blackledge- Individual Gross/Net (AWAY)
July 3Individual Gross/Net (OPEN)
July 4Individual Gross/Net (OPEN)
July 5 (Monday)Individual Gross/Net (OPEN)
July 102 Man Gross/Net
July 112 Man Gross/Net
July 17Individual Gross/Net
July 18Individual Gross/Net
July 23Friday night event
July 24Individual Gross/Net
July 254 Man Championship Round 1- 4 Man BB 3 Hole Progressive Gross/Net
July 314 Man Championship Round 2- 4 Man BB 3 Hole Progressive Gross/Net
August 1Individual Gross/Net
August 72 Man Gross/Net (OPEN)
August 82 Man Gross/Net (OPEN)
August 14Individual Gross/Net
August 15Senior/Super Senior/Legends Championship (18 Holes) Gross/Net (Senior Club Championship) & Individual Gross/Net
August 21Individual Gross/Net
August 22Individual Gross/Net
August 28Intra Club (9 hole best ball/ 9 hole alternate shot)- Individual Gross/Net
August 29Intra Club (9 hole match play)- Individual Gross/Net
September 42 Man Gross/Net (OPEN)
September 52 Man Gross/Net (OPEN)
September 6 (Labor Day)2 Man Scramble- (Labor Day)
September 11Individual Gross/Net
September 12Club Championship (Qualifying)-Individual Gross/Net
September 18Club Championship (Round 2)- Individual Gross/Net
September 19Club Championship (Final Round)- Individual Gross/Net
September 252 Man Gross/Net (OPEN)
September 262 Man Gross/Net
October 2Individual Gross/Net (Open)
October 3Individual Gross/Net (Open)
October 9Fall Classic- 36 Hole- Day 1- 2 Man Scramble- 2 Man Gross/Net
October 10Fall Classic- 36 Hole- Day 2- 2 Man Best Ball- 2 Man Gross/Net
October 16Individual Gross/Net (Open)
October 17Individual Gross/Net (Open)
October 234 Man Stableford
October 24Greens Keeper Revenge
October 30Individual Gross/Net (Open)
October 31Individual Gross/Net (Open) )Last round for Ringers)
November 6End of the Year Event
November 7Greens Keeper Revenge - Rain Date

Members may bring guests to any events labeled (Open)

Schedule is subject to change at the discretion of the Men’s Club Board of Directors and the Pro Shop